Residential & Commercial Pest Control In Denton County

Our professionals provide comprehensive pest control our services rid your property of spiders, roaches, crickets, ants, and mice. Using a quarterly treatment schedule for the best results, our pest control technicians use a wide range of treatments to maintain your property or home.

From placing baits and using eco-friendly treatments to granular products, rest assured our services will help prevent infestations and pest problems. For your convenience and the best results, our technicians customize the treatments to suit your needs. Plans are available for monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatments.
Our agency uses EcoSmart™, Termidor®, and Advance® Termite Bait System products.
Man Spray the Pesticide — Rodent Control in Denton County

Termite Bait System (TBS)

Installing monitors around the perimeter of your home, our termite bait systemallows us the ability to precisely keep up with any termite activity and then place bait systems to eliminate any threat or potential colony.

The bait systems, spaced 10–12 feet, are monitored and the bait matrix is replaced every 3 months to ensure proper termite maintenance and treatment.

Rodent Control

Our agency is here to ensure your property remains secure and rodent free, using the best methods and technology available to control rodents populations and keep your property free from rodent infestations. From traps and physical methods to bait controls, our treatments are effective and affordable. Our services are available for removing opossums, armadillos, squirrels, mice, and rats.
Termites — Rodent Control in Denton County
Wasp nest  — Rodent Control in Denton County
Rat — Rodent Control in Denton County
Wasp macro — Rodent Control in Denton County
Three Dead Cockroach — Rodent Control in Denton County
Wasp nest — Rodent Control in Denton County
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